About ConsilAD

ConsilAD is short for Consilience Analytics & Discovery:

  • Consilience – the principle that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can “converge” to provide strong conclusions.  In our work this normally relates to material from different authors on different platforms (web, social media, government data etc) aligning.
  • Analytics – we use advanced data analytics techniques to find relevant data then to analyse it to bring meaning to the data and to solve questions for our clients
  • Discovery – the disciplines learnt from over a decade of experience in eDiscovery operate to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our work – starting from search to digital evidence recovery to the production or disclosure of key data for legal cases and investigations.

After years working with social media and other online data sources for investigations and legal matters we realised that the word Consilience described our experience and philosophy.

We aim to support our clients with diverse and independent data sources so that decisions made using our findings are more reliable.

Our Mission

We aim to find The Truth of the Matter.

Our mission is to provide our clients with confidence in data-driven decisions supported by producing ESI which is organised for easy review and supported through rigorous forensic processes.

In all our work, we aim to find diverse, supportive and independent data sources so that our decisions made using ESI we find are more reliable.


ConsilAD is an experienced provider of eDiscovery technology and services.  From 2011 we have focused on the identification, acquisition and analysis of data from social media and open-sources for eDiscovery.  Initially we provided technology, hosted solutions and related training services.  As a consequence of the unique demands arising from finding and working with data from social media, in 2012 we started to provide aggregated data and advisory services to our clients.

Our social media focus builds upon our team’s substantive eDiscovery expertise which started in 2004. Our social media discovery clients include government, law enforcement, law firms and financial services organisations.

Matter types that we routinely provide data for include insurance claim investigations, litigation, employment and workplace investigations, criminal matters regulatory enquiries, non-financial due diligence and cybervetting.

We have encountered and solved many key challenges in social media discovery.  Our experiences extend across the processes of finding, collecting, preserving, searching, analysing and managing social media data as evidence. Once collected and preserved to evidentiary standards,  discovery issues often begin with technical challenges of searching, analysing and processing data collected using diverse techniques and technologies required for social media and online standard. Over thousands of matters we have learned how to solve many of these problems at both technical and operational levels.

We aim to absorb the complexities related to the use of social media in discovery so our clients can focus on the important investigative and legal issues rather than technical, or administrative problems.

Our team are experts.  Our team leaders come from a range of backgrounds and have qualifications in business, technology, medicine and law.

All team members who work on psychiatric claims have been trained in the application of the Psychiatric Impairment Ratings Scale.

Specialised provider of OSINT and Desktop Investigations Since 2014

ConsilAD has provided thousands of desktop investigations, OSINT reports and forensic collections of social media to legal, government and corporate clients.

Our work uses best in class technology and data services which improve results across all critical tasks in open source investigations and social discovery processes.

The components we use have been tested by us over thousands of investigations. Our integration brings efficiencies and forensic accountability to the OSINT and social media discovery processes.

We frequently provide immediately useful results to our clients in the form of key artefacts such as posts, videos and photos. More considered results reveal patterns within data collections that can be very persuasive and provide high degrees of certainty in data-driven decisions.

ConsilAD offers a sophisticated array of social media search and discovery applications hosted in our integrated array including:

  • Forensic collection and preservation of online data and social media.
  • Open Source Intelligence (“OSINT”) reports.
  • Desktop Investigations – with supporting forensic data.
  • Social Media Intelligence (“SOCMINT”) and social network investigation and analysis.
  • Data visualisation (trial graphics).
  • eDiscovery presentation of ESI collected from social media and online sources, e.g. production of Relativity load file with ESI from social media.

Our team are expert investigators specialised in key aspects of OSINT, SOCMINT, data forensics and eDiscovery.

We are authorised training providers for a number of specialised social media forensic technology solutions – please contact us if you have specific needs.