Case Study 4: Identity Theft / Takeover

BackgroundIn a recent migration appeals matter, a visa over-stayer had appealed a deportation notice on the basis of incorrect identity. The investigative hypothesis was that the suspect had stolen the identity of another member of her ethnic community.
CollectionUsing the stolen / assumed identity and the genuine identity we were able to collect a significant volume of material.
CollationMaterial corresponding to each identity was organised into separate repositories.
AnalysisWe were able to compare and contrast material from each account and reconcile this against a timeline. Biometric and visual comparison of the two identities was part of the analysis.
ProductDemonstration of the longstanding nature of the genuine account was through photos appearing across a range of account holders. By contrast the constructed identity / identity taken-over could not demonstrate the same provenance. Photos in the company of known parties at different times and places were considered to be material evidence.
OutcomeMaterial we provided contributed to the correct identification of the applicant.