Case Study 5: Location of Person of Interest

BackgroundA person of interest (POI) in a commercial relationship with organised crime had “phoenixed” a number of businesses with non-payment of debt. The businesses were thought likely to have been used in money-laundering activity. The addresses and phone numbers used by the POI had changed frequently.
CollectionWe identified and collected the contents of a number of social media accounts operated by POI from accounts and events connected to various businesses. The material covered the last two businesses operated by the POI over the last six months. Some of this data collected was from Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter “Events”.
CollationDownloaded information into logical evidence containers corresponding to the case and different businesses.
AnalysisWe compared data to separately identify the POI so that we could understand patterns of movement, recent photos, current addresses and phone numbers and presented this on a clean map.
ProductA number of locations were specified that were habitually attended by the POI at regular times.
OutcomeCourt notices were served by the investigator with no wasted time or travel.