Digital Evidence Collection

Forensic collection and preservation of social media and online content

We offer a comprehensive solution for the collection and preservation of social media content.

Key elements of our solution:

  1. Collection and preservation of content to forensic standards.
  2. Native data – html or json version of published content.  Video and photographs extracted and linked to published source.
  3. Individual item authentication and verification – MD5 or SHA-256 hash values for each item.
  4. Collection verification – collection level hash values, logs and used-credential storage and authentication.
  5. Expert investigators – trained in the use of the software and methods used for the collection and preservation of evidence.
  6. eDiscovery ready format – our collections are suitable for export to major review tools such as Concordance or Relativity. We routinely produce load files of content and metadata which meet exchange protocols defined by agreement or court practice notes.