Case Study 6: Identification of Witnesses

BackgroundAn allegation of an assault was made. The assault allegedly occurred at a large social event with controlled access and presold tickets. The identity of the assailant was not known beyond a general description.
CollectionCollection of social media posts using geospatial and time/date data at event location. From those posts, social media accounts of event attendees were identified. Used credentialed access from victim’s accounts. Collected posts and likes from event promotion site (including dialog regarding sale / resale tickets, event photos etc). Collected photos from commercial photographer engaged at event on photographer’s Facebook page.
CollationWe collated material from three collection tools including artefacts and metadata.
AnalysisUsing our visual analysis tool we were able to depict the social network of most event attendees showing many forms of social connections. Photos of attendees were reviewed for possible matches to the description of the alleged assailant. Email details and phone numbers for some witnesses were obtained.
ProductCollection of photos in photo-board style review Lists of names of event attendees Identification of sources of additional information (event organiser, commercial photographer). Preserved copy of all data.
OutcomeInvestigation is ongoing, key witnesses have been identified for statements.