Desktop Investigations

We are specialist providers of desktop investigations.


Since 2014 we have produced around 4,000 desktop investigation reports.

Points of difference:

  1. Forensic – Collection and preservation of all data / ESI used in our reports with the means of authentication allows us to demonstrate the authenticity, provenance and legality of our collections.
  2. OSINT – Advanced tools and training help us to find more data more quickly.
  3. SOCMINT – Expertise in social media operations, network analysis and operations allows us to find more from major online social networks.
  4. Expert team – Our analysts are licenced (by relevant state agencies) and trained in relevant disciplines. Our experience in social media investigations started in 2010.
  5. Proprietary methods – our team are trained in the collation and presentation of data designed for medico-legal experts so that evidence can be assessed more quickly and accurately and with links to the source data to allow independent conclusions to be drawn from the data in its native state (enabled by forensic collection and preservation).  
  6. Proprietary data – we collect, index and manage data from different sources which is not generally available. This allows us to find people more reliably.
  7. Discovery integration –  our raw data (e.g. social media content) can be produced in formats which allows in line review by legal, clinical, claims or investigation teams using major review platforms including Concordance and Relativity.