Matter Type

How Our Work Assisted

Medical malpractice

Credentialed collection of Facebook Messenger communications between medical practitioner and patient.

Class action medical devices

Credentialed collection of dialogue, pictures and communications from lead plaintiff in class action.

Fair trading

Collection of Facebook pages, emails and blogs from lobby group which were alleged to be untrue and damaging to businesses.

ACCC product claims

Forensic collection and preservation of web and social media material for ACCC matter which were alleged to include misleading statements regarding product claims.

Presentation of data for leading eDiscovery review tool as load file (dat file with metadata and web pages as *.mht files).

Insurance claim adjustment – injury claim

Collection of video postings to YouTube showing motor vehicle accident victim participating in extreme sports.

Property theft / insurance claim adjustment

Geospatial collection of data showing replacement hardware, linking that online identity to email posts and Facebook account giving different account of incident to claim.

Criminal law – assault /  rape

Collection and Visual Display of Facebook Network, Visualisation for jury graphics showing connectedness between complainants which conflicted with statements from complainants asserting they did not know each other.

Family law

Demonstration of provenance of Facebook messages, showing fraudulently manufactured evidence that was alleged to be genuine communication from former spouse.  Use of three methods to establish that material tendered as evidence could not have occurred.

Collection of online threats.

Search for and collection of material showing one parent engaged with religious cult.

Identification of substance abuse.

Specification of hidden assets.

Insurance claim adjustment

Collection of Twitter messages showing the insured was operating a business not declared in claim forms.

Theft investigation

Identification of key parties, location of premises of interest and justification of basis for search with Anton Pillar orders.

Due diligence (non-financial)

Evidence of key parties to a transaction having undisclosed connections requiring additional investigation.

Insurance claim adjustment

Collection of geotagged photos from Facebook showing the insured was travelling many thousands of miles whilst asserting they were bedridden.

Insurance claim adjustment

Collection of eBay data, linked YouTube advertisements, Facebook Group Pages and other online material.

Insurance claim adjustment

Website collection and preservation showing the insured was operating a business not declared. Patterns of online transactions, sponsorships and events comprised a corpus of material used in defence of litigated claim to show no entitlement for the plaintiff.

Regulatory matter

Collection of online material showing unlicensed operator activity and invitations to treat after warnings / cease and desist notices etc.

Debt collection

Identification of places and patterns habitually visited by businessmen avoiding collectors seeking to serve notices.

Family law

Location of party and connection of party with assets sought by former spouse.

Migration law

Connection of person with true identity and another identity being used to avoid deportation.  Clear proof of misleading assertions regarding places, timing etc.

Insurance claim adjustment

Twitter and online blog collection showing pattern of activity indicating ability able to perform white collar work.


Disambiguation of online and physical identities by reference to photo, geospatial and social network activity. Pattern and content analysis to assist in authentication of use of social site accounts.

Theft /  misappropriation

Identification of spending patterns and lifestyle significantly beyond wealth and income of suspect. Material we collected was also used for an asset recovery investigation.


  • Collection and preservation of offending remarks and comments.
  • Timestamping and chronological sequencing of publication and duration.
  • Formulation of data removal / takedown requests.
  • Audience size, location and read rate quantification.
  • Cross platform publication.
  • Identification of account owners – social media to real world identity illumination.

File source identification

In a workplace investigation, a forensic image showed filenames and other metadata relating to adult content deleted from a work computer which was conceptually similar to alleged child offences. We identified the online source of the original files, collected and preserved those. Filenames, dates and data size matched the artefacts in the forensic image.